The Week of January 22nd: 10 things eft's been reading

Imagine team drinks when your newest colleague’s name is IRB 14000 YuMi.

1. Imagine investing in brick and mortar… and it pays off! ‘Target's Plan to Pump $7 Billion into Its Stores Really Paid Off Over the Holidays.’ [Fortune]

2. Technology and supply chain are forever intertwined. It means articles like this are more relevant than ever. ‘5 big takeaways from CES.’ [RetailDive]

3. Robots are starting to manage the robots. ‘Ocado to wheel out C3PO-style robot to lend a hand at warehouses.’ [The Guardian]

4. eft partner Bringg raises new funding round. ‘Bringg raises $12 million for its delivery logistics platform.’ [VentureBeat]

5. The loyalty card used to make sense. As the consumer evolves and the nature of data capture, does it still? ‘Are the days of loyalty cards numbered after Tesco's change?.’ [BBC News]

6. The headline isn’t what’s important here – it’s the areas Apple is going to be investing and how that’s going to reshape their supply chain. ‘ Apple, Returning Overseas Cash, to Pay $38 Billion Tax Bill.’ [Bloomberg]

7. Blockchain, yet again in everyone’s predictions. ‘IBM Forges Global Joint Venture With Maersk Applying Blockchain To 'Digitize' Global Trade.’ [Forbes]

8. Well, not in this prediction. ‘Supply Chain Predictions for 2018.’ [MH+L]

9. Or this prediction. ‘4 Supply Chain Predictions For 2018.’ [Forbes]

10. The robots are coming, that’s for sure. ‘NextGen Supply Chain: The Robots are Here.’ [Supply Chain Management Review]


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