The Week of February 5th: 10 things eft's been reading

Yes Amazon, blockchain etc. make an appearance – but so does Talent – and in a big way!

1. A guide to self driving cars. ‘THE WIRED GUIDE TO SELF-DRIVING CARS.’ [Wired]

2. A guide to blockchain. ‘THE WIRED GUIDE TO THE BLOCKCHAIN’ [Wired]

3. Digital takes another victim! ‘Best Buy to Pull CDs, Target Threatens to Pay Labels for CDs Only When Customers Buy Them.’ [Billboard]

4. AI is going to transform supply chain, but can you get the people with the right skills? ‘Just How Shallow is the Artificial Intelligence Talent Pool?’ [Bloomberg]

5. Imagine luxury polyester. ‘The textile firm making polyester desirable’ [BBC]

6. Customer vs. employee prioritization. ‘Why Best Buy is investing in employees.’ [RetailDive]

7. Whole foods now available via prime. ‘Amazon begins free Whole Foods delivery to Prime Now members.’ [Cnet]

8. An interesting discussion on the US facing full employment. ‘How Many More Jobs Would There Be Without The Trade Deficit?’ [Forbes]

9. XPO keeps growing and growing, but who are they going to buy? ‘XPO, Echo post strong fourth quarter, full-year results.’ [DC Velocity]

10. The driverless drama continues. ‘Lyft considered buying the startup at the center of Alphabet’s suit against Uber.’ [Recode]


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