The Week of February 26th: 10 things eft's been reading

Retail reinvents itself as the UK suffers from a fried chicken shortage

1. DHL explains why the Tesla Truck purchase makes more and more business sense. ‘Numbers starting to add up for Tesla trucks: DHL executive.’ [Reuters]

2. It turns out that you can build an innovation strategy in logistics. ‘Supply Chain Innovation: Path To Success.’ [Kenco Group]

3. Robots are taking over the warehouse. ‘Robo-logistics company Magazino raises $25M for its warehouse bots.’ [TechCrunch]

4. Walmart continues to evolve with the times. ‘Walmart offers same-day delivery from Sam's Club through Instacart.’ [engadget]

5. Talent retention is often mentioned as a key challenge for organizations in the supply chain. It sounds like FedEx knows what it’s doing. ‘These are the companies with the best pay and benefits.’ [FastCompany]

6. Starbucks is pivoting in the face of ‘innovation’ in coffee. ‘Starbucks opens first Reserve store, sees retail rents easing.’ [Reuters]

7. Macy’s is also looking to pivot on the department store. ‘Macy's just confirmed the end of department stores as we know them.’ [Business Insider]

I8. kea is innovating… with cardboard. ‘The world’s largest furniture company built its empire on cardboard.’ [Quartz]

9. Will Amazon ICO? ‘Many Amazon customers would welcome banking services.’ [Retail Dive]

10. The great Fried Chicken shortage of 2018. ‘The inside story of the great KFC chicken shortage of 2018.’ [Wired]


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