The Week of December 4th: 10 things eft's been reading

Stores and apparently Bitcoin is in the trough of disillusionment (Someone should tell the speculators).

1.Amazon’s set to try a revolutionary new strategy this Christmas. ‘Amazon Looks to Lure Holiday Shoppers Offline and Into Its Stores.’ [Fortune]

2. Wal-Mart just dropped ‘stores’ from its name also. ‘Exclusive: Cyber Monday showdown - Wal-Mart closes in on Amazon in online price war.’ [Reuters]

3. Who’s winning the Amazon Headquarters race? (According to betting shops). ‘Amazon's New Headquarters: The City That's Now the Clear Favorite.’ [Inc.]

4. Fighting words from Tesla competitor. ‘Nikola Motors calls Elon Musk "full of it". Report suggests Tesla pre-orders are anemic.’ [FreightWaves]

5. UPS is gearing for capacity challenges. ‘UPS adds transit times to deliveries as "Cyber Monday" volumes spike.’ [DC Velocity]

6. Automation leading to jobs for truckers? ‘Could Embark’s Driverless Trucks Actually Create Jobs For Truckers?’ [FastCompany]

7. Robots are our fault. ‘Your online shopping habit is fuelling a robotics renaissance.’ [Wired]

8. Blockchain could change supply chain, but there are some key things necessary for that to happen. Here’s one. ‘The importance of integration in blockchain.’ [FreightWaves]

9. More store stories. ‘Target is betting big on small-format stores.’ [RetailDive]

10. Blockchain – buzzword of the year. ‘Buzzword of the Year: Blockchain.’ [SupplyChainDive]


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