The Week of August 28th: 10 things eft's been reading

Today’s 10 things features scattered drones, and a chance of Amazon.

1. Drones are now fully operational (in Iceland). ‘Flying food comes to Iceland with a fully operational drone delivery system.’ [FastCompany]

2. I think this is a fundamental question we as an industry (and a society?) need to wrap our heads around. ‘What is a robot?’ [Wired]

3. And here’s one reason why: ‘Tax the rich and the robots? California’s thinking about it.’ [Wired]

4. The UK Jumps on the bandwagon. Actually the title is deceiving, it’s platoons rather than full autonomy. ‘Self-driving' lorries to be tested on UK roads.’ [BBC]

5. Using existing RFID-tracking set-ups, ‘MIT researchers use drone fleets to track warehouse inventory.’ [engadget]

6. More on warehouses eating malls. ‘Amazon Is Building a Colossal Warehouse Where America's Biggest Mall Once Stood.’ [Gizmodo]

7. ‘Customer centricity’ also means a new type of marketing (and forecasting?). ‘Amazon’s social media ‘Influencers’ program opens up to YouTube stars.’ [TechCrunch]

8. 'Curb to door challenge remains.’ ‘Domino’s and Ford are teaming up to deliver pizzas via self-driving cars.’ [FastCompany]

9. Amazon, Amazon, Amazon… but Walmart… ‘Wal-Mart Just Showed Retailers What It Takes to Compete With Amazon.’ [The Motley Fool]

10. And here’s why: ‘Wal-Mart Proves Us Wrong With the Help of and Marc Lore.’ [The Motley Fool]


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