The Week of April 9th: 10 things eft's been reading

There’s more to electric trucks than Tesla. Amazon causes a lot of problems, but maybe not the Post Office’s.

1. As unrest grows on privacy, you can imagine ELDs are pretty controversial. ‘TRUCKERS TAKE ON TRUMP OVER ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE RULES.’ [WIRED]

2. USPS has bigger problems than Amazon. ‘Amazon Is the Post Office's Best Friend, No Matter What Trump Tweets.’ [Gizmodo]

3. The impact of the trade war on manufacturers. ‘In Sparing Consumers Tariff Burden, Trump Hit Manufacturing.’ [NY Times]

4. A reminder that other companies are doing electric trucks also. ‘Nikola deposit-shames Tesla on Twitter, brags $8 billion in preorders.’ [Roadshow]

5. Another take on the state of USPS. ‘Amazon isn’t to blame for the Postal Service’s woes, but it will need to innovate to survive.’ [TechCrunch]

6. Fascinating look at retail’s technological roadmap. ‘Retail’s Adapt-Or-Die Moment: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Commerce.’ [CB Insights]

7. More electric trucks. ‘These Electric Semis Hope To Clean Up The Trucking Industry.’ [FastCompany]

8. And some of the problems with electric trucks. ‘Power Shift: Electric truck makers promise cleaner, cheaper tractors, but can fueling and charging infrastructure keep up?’ [Overdrive]

9. Walmart continues its return to the forefront of retail (to be fair, they’ve always been there). ‘Walmart partners with Postmates on grocery delivery.’ [TechCrunch]

10. Steve Banker doesn’t mince words here. ‘Is Uber Freight On The Verge Of Going Out Of Business?’ [Forbes]


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