The Week of April 3rd: 10 things eft's been reading

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1. With several high-profile hacks that have taken place recently, and the embedded of ‘connected’ into everything in supply chain, it’s no surprise ‘cyber security’ is rearing its head again in our research. ‘Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity: Managing risk in an age of connected production’ [Deloitte]

2. Is manufacturing rebounding in the west? Is it worth bringing it back? This article explains all. ‘Staying Rich Without Manufacturing Will Be Hard’ [Bloomberg]

3. Frequent eft collaborator Yossi Sheffi weighs in on the future of the High-street. ‘Not Your Father’s High Street’ [LinkedIn]

4. Manufacturing may or may not be back, but one thing for sure, it’s return will be littered with robots. ‘The number of robots sold in the U.S. will jump nearly 300 percent in nine years’ [Recode]

5. Looks like FedEx has totally lost it. Seriously, what is this??? ‘Introducing FedEx SoundTrack’ [FedEx]

6. The warehouse robotics arms race heats up. ‘Amazon’s Robot War Is Spreading’ [Bloomberg]

7. eft keynote Brad Jacobs has really put the industry on its head with XPO Logistics hitting top spot in TransportTopics recent ranking of biggest logistics providers. ‘Why Billionaire Brad Jacobs Is Putting Dealmaking on Hold’ [Bloomberg]

8. Have you figured out the theme of this week’s newsletter yet? ‘Robots Take Over – The Apparel Production’ [LinkedIn]

9. The biggest supply chain challenge of this decade is still fighting the good fight. ‘Tesla Beats Estimate With 25,000 Deliveries as Model 3 Nears’ [Bloomberg]

10. [Infographic] We’ve had a lot of questions from our European counterparts on the impact of Brexit on the supply chain. Here’s some help. ‘How Will Brexit Affect Your Supply Chain?’ [Forbes]


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