The Week of April 24th: 10 things eft's been reading

Winning in the midst of Revolution

1. PE money flooded into logistics businesses over the last few years with investors looking to capitalize on a wave of consolidation.  Now, VC money is taking advantage of the innovation wave hitting the sector. Venture capitalists have found another trillion dollar market to upend: shipping. [Quartz]

2. And here’s a list of the start-ups receiving the money. Apparently they have a $4.7m average valuation. ‘Shipping Startups.’ [Angelist]

3. eft collaborator Adam Chazanow of Graphene Partners has written a very interesting take on European cross-border parcel shipping. ‘EUR 5 billion savings opportunities in European cross-border parcel shipments.’ [Graphene Partners] – PS. Join Adam at this year’s European D3 Retail Summit in London.

4. Globalization is under attack as protectionism gains traction. But, with modern supply chain processes, manufacturing and technology, was this move inevitable anyways? ‘What the End of Globalization Means to Retail.’ [Tony D’Onofrio]

5. Manufacturers are increasingly succumbing to retailer demands – by that I mean bankruptcy succumbing, not ‘resigned agreement’. Can you say direct-to-consumer? ‘U.S. Retailers Face Growing Hostility From Suppliers.’ [Bloomberg]

6. Here’s a specific example – of manufacturers getting squeezed, not in a direct to consumer way. ‘The Life of an Apple Supplier Is Getting Even Tougher.’ [Bloomberg]

7. Tesla is going back in time on its Model 3 tooling strategy. ‘Tesla’s big Model 3 bet rides on risky assembly line strategy.’ [Reuters]

8. Obviously Amazon’s also on the driverless bandwagon, they want to control your supply chain. (apparently they also filed for a patent for a machine that will totally re-shape fast fashion). ‘Amazon’s driverless tech team focuses not on building it, but on how to use it.’ [TechCrunch]

9. Here’s another fascinating take on how the current industrial revolution (is it the 3rd? or 4th?) is going to have a transformative effect on how supply chains function. In this case whatever it is is called the 3rd. ‘Will the third industrial revolution create an economic boom that saves the planet?’ [Fast Company]

10. I guess innovation has to start somewhere. Luxury retail conglomerate LVMH is set to launch some weird new eCommerce platform that includes fancy booze sales alongside ‘experiences’. ‘LVMH to Launch Digital Lifestyle and E-Commerce Platform.’ [BoF]


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