The Week of April 19th: 10 things eft's been reading

The retail war went global this week, so in honour, I’ve gone full classic war movie titles.

1. World War Retail continues. ‘Exclusive: Walmart close to buying majority of India's Flipkart.’ [Reuters]

2. Farm to table goes guerrilla. ‘Farmers Hit the Road to Reach Shoppers Before Amazon Does.’ [NY Times]

3. Not all quiet on the grocery front. ‘How Instacart Is Ramping Up Its Grocery Strategy To Fend Off Amazon.’ [FastCompany]

4. An obvious, but valid point – is the supply chain a bridge too far for clean energy? ‘So, About Apple's 100 Percent Renewable Energy Announcement.’ [Earther]

5. The search for a carbon-free October. ‘THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY SETS SAIL TOWARD A CARBON-FREE FUTURE.’ [Wired]

6. ‘Target brings same-day delivery of in-store purchases to five cities.’ [engadget]

7. Apocalypse Tesla. ‘Elon Musk calls humans underrated, needs more for Model 3 production.’ [Road Show]

8. Saving Tesla’s production. ‘Tesla factory goes 24/7 to hit 6,000 Model 3s per week by June.’ [Road Show]

9. The tax hunter. ‘E-commerce companies don’t pay local sales taxes. They need to get serious about fixing that.’ [Recode]

10. Full digital jacket. ‘Home Depot is launching its biggest tech hiring spree ever to protect its lead over Amazon.’ [Recode]


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