Susan Fourtané

Susan Fourtané

Leadership: Why Recruiting More Women In Supply Chain Matters

Apr 5, 2016
Successful and well-balanced companies know that women business leaders—and their exceptional leadership skills—provide major benefits. But why is recruiting more female talent in supply chain and logistics still an issue?

Supply Chain of Things: Challenges & Solutions

Aug 28, 2015
The Internet of Things, (IoT) can bring more complexity to the supply chain, but it can also bring greater visibility affecting the supply chain's operations in a positive way. The IoT will bring supply chains a $1.9 trillion boost.

Nokia Networks Leads in Supply Chain Operations Excellence

Aug 27, 2015
Nokia Networks, a 150-year-old Finnish company, has forged an incredible record of reinventing itself. Change and evolution have helped Nokia survive for more than a century. A long history of successful change is embedded in today's Nokia Networks supply chain success.

Get Top Marks in Continually Developing Supply Chain Competence

Aug 26, 2015
Business transformation implies a change in the way a company does business, as well as a development of competence in specific functions and processes.

Top High-Tech Supply Chain Topics in Pictures

Jun 15, 2015
Today's global electronics supply chain industry is highly complex and diverse. Keeping the same rapid pace at which the industry is moving is paramount for OEMs.