Roger Hailey

Roger Hailey

Pandemic spurring tech transformation

Aug 25, 2020
Technology in the supply chain set to make major leaps in the medium term, as companies invest and roll out new tools

The climbing costs of e-commerce

Aug 21, 2020
E-commerce providers have seen a surge in demand due to coronavirus, but regulatory changes, pressure on the USPS and high demand levels are creating an environment of higher logistics costs

Healthcare supply chains at a key moment of transition

Jul 14, 2020
Healthcare supply chains experienced some of the biggest reactions to COVID-19, as demand fell away for elective healthcare but stratospherically rose for pandemic related items. Roger Hailey investigates what will happen next

What comes after the air freight capacity crunch?

Jun 11, 2020
With around half of all air freight capacity disappearing from the market in the wake of COVID-19, what direction will this critical segment of the supply chain take now?