Tom Craig

Tom Craig

  Real-world supply chain and logistics consultant and professional. Provides cutting-edge supply chain management consulting with LTD Management. Develops solutions that work for clients- manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, global, domestic, importers, and exporters.  From startup to turnaround. From local to global. Omnichannel. Inventory management / velocity / turns / reduction. Transport. Warehousing. Lean. Best practices. Risk assessment. Suppliers. Segmentation. Process. Technology. Outsourcing. Supply chain complexity. Product portfolios. Brand and private labels. Short shelf life cycles. Customer portfolios. And more. Tom also provides consulting for 3PLs and other logistics service providers. He develops and executes strategy, creates value proposition/unique selling proposition, positioning, and service / market segmentation that improve customer retentions, increase margins, and grow the business. Practical supply chain experience with major corporations, including General Electric, Abbott Laboratories and 3M. Tom has written over 70 articles on supply chain management and logistics--many of which are posted at the LTD Management website. In addition, he has spoken at conferences worldwide, including England, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Panama and Nigeria--and conducted a master class program in supply chain management in China for Chinese companies. He also is on the advisory board of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society in Singapore.  

Transform Your Supply Chain For Omnichannel

Jun 30, 2016
We are in the early stages of a global supply chain revolution. Omnichannel and the Amazon Effect. Internet of Things. Platform Businesses.

More Amazon Effect For Omnichannel And The Future—Systemic Inventory Rich vs. Inventory Velocity

Jun 2, 2016
Inventory rich is a condition enjoyed by many retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Much of this is due to systemic inventory. And the condition is becoming more significant as firms deal with the differing demands of omnichannel and with the accelerating requirements of lean for supply chain stakeholders.

3PLs and Logistics Service Providers—Is the Future Changing?

Mar 4, 2016
Reverse outsourcing. Cutting out the middle man. Not using the usual suspects. These are what shippers—retailers, manufacturers, and others—are doing. At the same time, 3PLs and logistics service providers (LSPs) are dealing with and competing in a commoditized industry where price is the key differentiator.

Omnichannel and e-Commerce Supply Chain Management – 2016

Jan 27, 2016
E-commerce and Omnichannel—especially the e-commerce segment—have been and are changing retailing

New Supply Chain Management for Omnichannel

Dec 15, 2015
Many manufacturers and retailers struggle with the sales duality that e-commerce has created. E-commerce is the new retailing, regardless of a company’s industry or business. It is very different from selling in stores; it is very different from production and shipping orders. Companies must sell via multi-channels, namely multiple touch points with customers.

Guide For Supply Chain Risk Management - How to Identify, Validate, and Assess

Dec 4, 2015
Supply chain risk gets global attention. The World Bank and World Economic Forum comprehend the issue and its importance.

E-Commerce Immediacy— Five Supply Chain Keys

Sep 8, 2015
E-commerce is the new retailing. So why do firms use the old supply chain—and fail to deliver the Customer Experience? The New Supply Chain delivers the customer experiences and builds repeat business. The New Supply Chain is not a choice; it is a requirement for E-commerce Immediacy.

Creating A Supply Chain Center Of Excellence

Aug 3, 2015
Many of the companies with the best supply chains have a center of excellence. If your firm is looking to create one, here is a guide. Depending on your supply chain effectiveness, then scan be a transformation effort or a continuation to having a top world supply chain program.

Inaction By Logistics Service Providers Of E-Commerce Immediacy Megatrend

Jun 25, 2015
Tom Craig, Supply Chain Consultant from LTD Management recently attended and moderated at our eft 3PL Supply Chain Summit in Chicago. Below is a follow up from the event through his eyes and the main things he gathered.

Red Ocean Businesses And Their Red Ocean Supply Chains - Are You Swimming or Sinking?

Apr 16, 2015
“We typically lose out when a market commoditizes, and we no longer differentiate, further aggravated by us being too slow or expensive” Frans van Houten, CEO, Royal Philips Electronics