Kate Lee

Kate Lee

  Kate has nearly 20 years of domestic and international experience working with a range of people from senior executives at Fortune 100 companies to academics to refugees. She has experience in content development, business intelligence, inbound marketing, qualitative and quantitative research, and in forging strategic partnerships. Kate is the Senior Director of Research and Strategy at Fronetics Strategic Advisors. Prior to Fronetics Kate worked with Harvard Business School, Boston University, and as an Independent Consultant.    

The Mad Men Ad World is Changing: Content is King

May 22, 2015
The fact that content is an effective business tool is undeniable. A shift in marketing has taken place in the past decades.

What to Consider When Implementing a Supply Chain Risk Management Program

Mar 31, 2015
Creating risk management strategies that focus on everyday events is critical. Dealing with these events in a reactive and piecemeal fashion is inefficient and ineffective and can significantly hurt your company.

To Meet your Customers you Need to be Online

Feb 24, 2015
The internet has provided customers with new methods for finding and researching companies as well as new methods for finding, researching, and products.

How to Overcome Social Media Challenges

Jan 26, 2015
In order to overcome your social media challenges you need to take a data-informed approach. You need to track and measure metrics, and you need to use the data collected to take action.

Supply chain, here’s how to prove social media ROI

Nov 12, 2014
Individuals within the logistics and supply chain industries want to learn more about social media ROI. A recent survey conducted by Fronetics found that 81 percent of respondents reported that information on proving social media ROI would be helpful to...