Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams

Hugh has been consulting in the Supply Chain sector for more than 25 years and delivered millions of pounds of business improvement to clients all over the world. Hugh's consultancy career began in 1983 when he joined Creative Output to work alongside Dr Eli Goldratt, manufacturing guru who wrote "The Goal," and conceived the Theory of Constraints" (TOC), both of which the supply chain planning community have embraced as seminal bodies of work. This experience inspired and shaped Hugh's successful consulting career and his business venture, Hughenden Consulting, which he launched in 2001. In addition to directing and managing Hughenden Consulting, Hugh lends his considerable consulting expertise to a range of services including creating dialogue, understanding and buy-in between project sponsors and senior management colleagues. Hugh also mentors executives on how their companies can manage and even profit from organisational complexity through best practices in supply chain planning. Hugh has earned a reputation as a lively keynote speaker and has appeared on many platforms for professional and commercial software organizations across UK, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Hugh is a regular columnist for in Supply Chain Movement magazine and contributes frequently to various industry journals. "Setting up Hughenden allows me to focus on the most challenging aspects of change; the people and processes in Supply Chain Planning, where the real benefits lie. It is something of a return for me to the early days with Eli of persuading people why and how to change for greater effectiveness. You can buy all the technology in the world and you can design really effective processes all you like, but you will always fall short of the mark if you don't have the buy-in and acceptance of those people who need to learn how to work in a different way: that's where Hughenden Consulting really excels." Click here to view Hugh's public LinkedIn profile

People take centre stage at eft’s CSCO Forum in Venlo

Oct 28, 2016
By Hugh Williams, managing director, Hughenden Consulting and CSCO Forum chair

Planning for a Profitable Retail Future at eft’s Inaugural D3 Conference

Jul 27, 2016
By Hugh Williams, managing director, Hughenden Consulting and D3 conference chair

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Jul 13, 2016
Hugh Williams, recent Conference Chair of the 3PL Summit & CSCO Forum in Chicago, shares his thoughts on the event.

Why do I attend conferences?

Jun 7, 2016
When you are working in the same office week in week out, with the same view, the same coffee machine and the same desk arrangement - does it not add an air of excitement when you come in after the weekend and remember the desks were all moved around! You now have a different view from the window, a new walk to the coffee machine and slightly different perspective on the job as a whole.

S&OP Made Good: The Importance of Investing In People

Feb 1, 2016
Many companies still struggle to get value out of their sales and operations planning processes. They invest heavily in technology and processes to reach for S&OP’s cross-functional potential, but end up with discouraging results. For companies that truly understand the role of people in an effective S&OP process, it’s a different story. Here’s what it takes to get the people dimension right.

Do You Want To Come To A Conference With A Difference?

Oct 2, 2015
Hugh Williams, MD of Hughenden Consulting will be chairing this year’s Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum (Venlo, October 14-16). He has some words to share, as the excitement for the event builds.

Supply Chain leaders debate improvements to infrastructure and skills at eft’s first CSCO Forum in Brazil

Aug 26, 2015
Chairman, Hugh Williams, reflects back on eft's first Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum Brazil

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eft partnered with Hughenden consulting and surveyed 100 shippers to create a three-part article on S&OP as part of an ebook. Here is the first part ‘The journey of S&OP’