John Wagner Jr

John Wagner Jr

Since joining the family business in 1976, John Wagner Jr. has done just about everything including sweeping the floors and loading trucks and boxcars. His job titles have evolved from Warehouse Manager, Traffic Manager, VP Operations, to his current role as President.   John is a graduate of the University of Kansas, received his transportation certificate from UMKC, and is a licensed ICC Practitioner. He is active in numerous civic and professional associations, including posts as past Chairman at Kansas City Smart Port, past President of the CSCMP Kansas City Roundtable, past President of KCTA, and he has been active in WERC. John currently serves on the Legal & Risk committee and Governmental Affairs Committees at the International Warehouse Logistics Association. He speaks on a regular basis across the country regarding issues of interest to the 3PL industry as well as the national economy. John also writes the Wagner blog, providing customers and other readers with timely, in-depth analyses of economic indicators and other important industry issues. This informative blog is becoming a must-read for leaders seeking to find meaning and value for their own companies behind the tsunami of numbers in the news every day. John focuses on the successful growth of Wagner Logistics by listening to customers and being their voice as solutions are shaped to fit their needs.   For additional information: John E. Wagner Jr., President Wagner Logistics 1201 East 12th Avenue North Kansas City, MO 64116 T: 816.421.3520 ext. 1303 M: 816.918.5308 E:

The Economy is on a Roll

Dec 19, 2016
The slow U.S. economy is picking up steam as we head into an era with the promise of lower household and corporate tax rates, employment security and consumers spending. While the country is divided over politics, it appears the next administration is being handed a growing economy.


Nov 16, 2016
The American electorate shocked the country and the world with the election of Donald Trump this week. How will this affect the logistics industry?

The Economy isn't so Scary (but the transport industry is)

Nov 3, 2016
As mentioned in my last blog, I took part in a trade mission to Havana, Cuba. Wow, what an experience!

Insight from CSCMP

Oct 19, 2016
I attended the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals annual conference last week in Orlando and came away with optimism for the future

Summer bring slow economic numbers

Aug 24, 2016
Dog days of summer bring slow economic numbers

Politics aside, the economy improves

Aug 4, 2016
Another week and another political convention. As for the economy there is probably too much emphasis placed on the role of the President.

Economic challenges continue springtime

May 18, 2016
I’m back from family vacation on the beaches of Florida and ready to dig into the latest economic and logistics news. Here is what we know.

Spring Starts Slowly

Apr 27, 2016
Tax day has come and gone and we are all still standing. The GDP is slinking along at plus or minus 1 percent in the first quarter the economy appears gloomy. Don’t be too depressed as things will get better as the year goes on.

Springtime Brings Flowers and Hope

Mar 30, 2016
There is a lot of economic data coming in providing a hint of what’s coming in the second quarter that will impact the transportation and logistics industry. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

The Economy: The Good and the Bad

Feb 11, 2016
The bad news: the rest of the world is struggling in a weak economy as China slows and oil prices bottom out. The good news: the U.S is putting along with a barely positive GDP of 0.7 percent annualized in the fourth quarter. After further revision the GDP number could slip further to 0.5percent. The slowdown is impacting the demand for logistics services as we will explore later.