Thriving in a World of Commoditized Logistics

Despite ongoing pressures to serve their customers at the lowest possible price point, logistics service providers have a great opportunity to deliver high-value, customer-centric services while maintaining profitability in a commoditizing industry.

Come listen to JDA, EFT and Kenco Innovation Labs (Kenco Group) as they discuss new research into industry trends, advances in logistics technologies and what’s really working at a major service provider. 
Speakers include: 
-Danny Halim, Vice President, Wholesale-Distribution and 3PL Industry Strategy at JDA Software 
-Matt McClelland, Innovation Research Manager, Kenco Innovation Labs 
-Haley Garner, Head of Research and Content, eft (Moderator)
Webinar schedule:
September 29th, 10am Eastern, 7am Pacific (16:00 Central European Time)
Remember, if you can’t tune in live, do register to receive the recorded video after the fact. 
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