Unipart Group deploys real-time telematics

UK-based Manufacturer and full-service logistics provider Unipart Group is now using telematics to track its fleet and how its vehicles are performing.

Unipart’s telematics solution uses Microlise Fleet Performance and Journey Management across Unipart’s heavy goods vehicles and vans to understand in real time where its fleet is, how the fleet is being utilised, and how economically and safely the vehicles are being driven.

Real-time data will also show how the fleet is performing against its scheduled routes, alerting the team to any potential missed time-slots, allowing customer contact and alternative arrangements to be made.

With Microlise, Unipart’s UK transport operations team will have reports giving an understanding of where tractors, trailers and other assets are and allowing for them to be filtered by group, location, vehicle type and time.

Driver performance will also be monitored with graded feedback on a number of metrics including acceleration, braking, cornering, idling and coasting – together combining to provide an overall grade. Training can then be targeted to achieve better performance and ultimately reduce fuel costs and minimise vehicle wear and tear.

“We have a commitment to prioritise exceptional customer service by driving quality up and cost down through digital innovation and the application of The Unipart Way,” said David Atkinson – Head of Unipart Logistics’ 3PL Transport. “Microlise’s approach to logistics and telematics, and its digital investment, make it an excellent fit for us as we establish our own in-house fleet operations.”

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