Report: Enhancing Relationships in Logistics through Data & Collaboration Whitepaper (In Partnership with Emerge)

Supply chain experts reveal how better data access, availability and applicability is improving collaboration

The next big leap in supply chain and logistics is data-enabled collaboration.

In this whitepaper, we delve deep into the interplay between human relationships and technology in logistics.

We find that for companies looking to make headstrong improvements to their supply chains, they should look to start by finding opportunities to consolidate available data streams into viable, actionable insights.

From there, iterative improvements to processes and communication can be achieved by sharing those insights across channels to build strong working relationships. That data-enabled collaboration can be optimised through the use of transformative technologies that build strong network relationships and create stronger supply chains.

Download this free white paper and get insight from leading supply chain experts on how to create bonds across your supply chain through better data access, availability and applicability that leave its more robust and efficient than before.

Best in class insights from top leader, including:

  • Brian Hecht, Supply Chain Strategist, Kroger
  • Stuart Whiting, Senior Vice President Logistics & Planning Global Supply Chain, Schneider Electric
  • Jamie Bragg, EVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer, Tailored Brands
  • George Abernathy, President, Emerge
  • Bret Celmer, VP - Supply Planning, FreshDirect

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