Order to Cash: Maintaining Control in a Customer-Centric Environment

New technology has changed how customers interact with businesses.

A combination of mobile technology, eCommerce and social media have given customers significantly more power in how they interact with the businesses they use. As a consequence, the customer-business relationship is increasing in complexity as customers demand more from the organizations they frequent. Equally, businesses that are successfully engaging and prioritising customers are gaining significant value and they’re doing this through a combination of automation, data management and supplier relationships. 
eft is set to address exactly this in an in-depth, interactive webinar, October 6th 14:30-15:30 British Time, 15:30-16:30 European Time. 
Why attend this webinar? 
  • Learn how the reshaping of the customer-business relationship is changing how businesses need to automate
  • Find out how businesses need to position themselves to gain value from the new customer-centric relationship
  • Uncover how the order to cash process is being transformed by the new customer-centric relationship and hear what businesses can do to take advantage 
Speakers include: 
  • Michael Massimino, Director of IT, Telogis, Inc. 
  • Marco Rossi, Director - SCM Cloud Applications Product Development, EMEA, Oracle 
  • Haley Garner, Head of Research and Content, eft (Moderator)
(If you can’t make the live timings, be sure to register anyways to receive the recordings)
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