Mitch Weseley Unites 10 Transportation Software Executives to Form Marquee Management Team for 3Gtms

Leadership’s unmatched industry experience positions 3Gtms to rapidly deliver innovative, quality TMS products for mid-market shippers, 3PLs and carriers


3Gtms, a developer of a best-of-breed suite of transportation management software products, today announced that noted supply chain innovator Mitch Weseley has appointed a marquee executive team to lead the newly formed company. The team consists of 10 transportation management software veterans who will position the company to rapidly deliver an innovative, high-quality third-generation transportation management system (TMS) for truck-oriented mid-market shippers, third-party logistics (3PL) providers and carriers.

“Through our vast experience working together and with other leaders in the transportation management industry, we’re each dedicated to creating the next generation of TMS that provides high-value features in an easy-to-implement solution.”

Many members of the new management team left careers at larger, more established companies in order to join 3Gtms. Notably, several of these executives have previously worked with Weseley and saw a unique opportunity to be part of a group of key transportation management innovators and offer much-needed solutions in an underserved mid-market.

Mitch Weseley, CEO of 3Gtms said, “In creating the 3Gtms executive team, we sought to assemble the most accomplished and experienced people in the transportation software industry. The strength of our TMS-domain experience, combined with our knowledge of enterprise software and proven teamwork, is unmatched in our industry. We look forward to building easy-to-use, quick-to-implement products that will help mid-market truck-oriented shippers manage complex, dynamic shipping challenges and deliver rapid ROI.”

Each member of the 3Gtms management team has more than 10 years of experience in senior executive roles at various leading supply chain developers. The executives who are joining with Mitch Weseley include:

  • JP Wiggins, vice president of logistics – Wiggins has more than 25 years of transportation management experience at companies including SAP; Global Logistics Technologies, Inc. (G-Log), where he was a co-founder; dx/dt; and Weseley Software.
  • David Sapienza, vice president of sales – Sapienza has spent more than 25 years in the supply chain industry, holding leadership positions at Oracle Corp., SAS, Intellitrans, BridgePoint/CSX and RedPrairie.
  • Chris Taurence, vice president of client services – Taurence has more than 20 years of logistics software development, customer solution consulting and implementation experience with companies including Oracle, G-Log, BookingZone and CapGemini.
  • Dawn Salvucci-Favier, vice president of product management – Salvucci-Favier brings more than 22 years of transportation industry knowledge to 3Gtms, most recently serving various executive roles at RedPrairie.
  • Chris Haarmeyer, vice president of development – Haarmeyer has spent the past 16 years overseeing enterprise TMS with organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, including Oracle and MavenWire.
  • Mark Smith, CFO – Smith has more than 25 years of experience with technology and software-related companies including Oil Purifications Systems Inc., G-Log, and FlexiInternational Software.

In addition, three executives from Transite Technology (, an award-winning developer of highly specialized TMS that recently merged with 3Gtms, will continue in the following roles: Geoff Comrie, vice president of strategic relations; Les Hamashima, vice president of marketing, and Les Tofts, vice president of logistics development.

“The entire 3Gtms management team is excited to join Mitch in this new venture to fulfill a growing need for a mid-market TMS that is not addressed by existing developers in the industry,” said JP Wiggins, vice president of logistics at 3Gtms. “Through our vast experience working together and with other leaders in the transportation management industry, we’re each dedicated to creating the next generation of TMS that provides high-value features in an easy-to-implement solution.”

3Gtms marks the third time Wesley, a 30-year industry veteran, and several members of the management team have joined forces to lead a TMS development company. In 1992, Weseley founded Weseley Software Development Corp., which experienced rapid customer and revenue growth and was eventually sold to McHugh Software International (later RedPrairie), a leading provider of warehouse management software, in 1996. In 1999, Weseley founded Global Logistics Technologies, Inc. (G-Log) as a second-generation TMS and sold the company to Oracle in 2005. The acquiring companies continue to use both of the product groups successfully to this day.

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