It takes the average supply chain five days to react to a crisis

Survey finds 97% are looking to orchestration tools to improve slow response times to supply chain disruptions

A survey of 1,800 supply chain decision makers has shown that the typical supply chain takes five days to respond to a crisis.

Just 17% said they could respond within 24 hours and only a third in the survey said they were very satisfied with their performance, with 67% noting that they were less than very satisfied. Survey administrators IDC InfoBrief said that this pattern was common to all regions.

Respondents were looking to technology to help close this capability gap, with investments high on priority lists as 63% think that their supply chain could provide a competitive advantage over the next 12 months. At the top of the list are orchestration tools, which 97% believe will have a modest (44%) or significant (53%) effect.

Additionally, a quarter of respondents plan to move to new technologies in the next 12 months and a third want their orchestration platforms to offer AI/ genAI capabilities.

There was noticeable variance between different sectors, as twice as many in the oil and gas sector (28%) claimed that they could respond to a crisis with 24 hours, as compared to 14% in aerospace.

Similarly, aerospace respondents were also at the bottom for rating their supply chains as resilient, at 27%, alongside the retail sector (29%), while industrial respondents were the most confident in the robustness of their supply chain (47%).

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