inVia Robotics expanding through Rakuten Super Logistics US network

3PL Rakuten Super Logistics will employ inVia's Robotics-as-a-Service platform in new warehouses to further automate fulfillment

inVia Robotics is expanding the deployment of its Picker robots in additional Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) warehouses across the United States. Following the success of an initial deployment in 2018, RSL will roll out inVia's automation technology for picking across its fulfillment network.

RSL selected inVia as a partner in its national expansion because of the solution's proven ability to scale. The first warehouse of the expansion is already in operation, having gone live in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this year. Over the course of the next few months, the system will be added into facilities in several key RSL distribution centers across the country.

inVia's fleet of autonomous robots are directed by the Robotics Management System (RMS) that analyses the layout of any new or existing warehouse to optimise workflows and increase throughput without disrupting operations. The system's AI algorithms adapt to changes in demand and continually identify the most efficient picking paths and processes. inVia's says that its platform integrates with any existing warehouse layout and software and do so without disrupting any of their daily operations.

inVia's Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution is a subscription-based model.

inVia's says that its system has allowed RSL to see a 50 – 70% increase in throughput, as well as an increase in employee morale.

"For Rakuten Super Logistics and our broad mix of customers, inVia Robotics' solution is the perfect way to seamlessly integrate automation into our operations and immediately realize the benefits of increased productivity," explains Michael Manzione, chief executive officer, Rakuten Super Logistics. "Our expanded partnership with inVia is indicative of our company's commitment to providing clients with state-of-the-art technology designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs."

"We look forward to continuing to support the rapid growth of Rakuten Super Logistics. through automation of their fulfillment workflows, which provides them with an edge over their competitors," said Lior Elazary, founder and chief executive officer, inVia Robotics. "The ability for inVia's system to adapt to any environment and to scale makes it the perfect solution for Rakuten Super Logistics' existing and new warehouses as e-commerce demand  and RSL's business continues to grow."

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