Hyperloop could create $10bn supply chain manufacturing ecosystem

Hyperloop has the potential to create a $10 billion supply chain manufacturing ecosystem in the Middle East, says Virgin Hyperloop One. First published on www.ITSInternational.com.

The company says it could also improve safety, decrease pollution and reduce congestion, and adds that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are well-placed to benefit from disruptive technologies in transportation, with governments from both countries exploring autonomous pods, driverless cars and flying taxis.

Amjad Almkhalalati, director - operations, UAE, Virgin Hyperloop One, says Hyperloop can seamlessly connect to other modes of autonomous transportation. He adds that it will be faster than high-speed railway trains and will help reduce congestion in cities while making them more liveable and environmentally friendly.

The technology can create a ‘backbone’ for on-demand deliveries, supply chains and next-generation logistics: “A regional Hyperloop network could unlock billions of dollars in incremental economic growth, establish real exportable expertise, completely transform supply chains across the Middle East.

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