GoFor Industries Partners with Aurora Aerial to provide drone deliveries

The new partnership aims to link GoFor’s marketplace and Aurora Aerial drones solutions to help solve the last mile

Credit: Business Wire/GoFor

GoFor Industries, a marketplace focusing on last-mile, on-demand and same-day delivery and logistics have announced a partnership with Aurora Aerial, a Canada-based company working on remotely piloted aircraft solutions.

The partnership aims to link GoFor’s platform with Aurora’s aircraft, so fleet operators can leverage drones for replenishment and secure last-mile delivery. GoFor said it is working to integrate tracking updates for the end customer when Aurora drones are used.

In a press release the companies said that they want to allow small businesses, restaurants and shopping malls to complete aerial delivery in compliance with area restrictions, so that they can avoid customers driving drive for pickups or waiting at curb-side and deliver faster than the standard 3-7 business day shipping times.

“Our new partnership with Aurora Aerial is the first step toward redefining the traditional logistics industry and aligns with our vision to revolutionize logistics by using innovative technologies to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Drones provide a way to do this, they deliver with reduced shipping times, reduced operational costs and less impact on the environment,” said Brad Rollo, President and CEO, GoFor.

“The pandemic has accelerated the need for, and adoption of, new delivery solutions caused by a huge increase in online buyers and local delivery demand. People expect fast delivery and want their products when they want them which puts businesses in a seemingly impossible position. GoFor solves the delivery problem at scale, faster than anyone else, and through our partnership with Aurora Aerial, we will help businesses meet their customers’ need for convenience, safety and speed.” 

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