CityFreighter Inc. unveils CF1 prototype medium electric truck

CityFreighter's full electric medium-duty CF1 truck revealed at ACT Expo in Long Beach

CityFreighter's full electric medium-duty CF1 truck revealed at ACT Expo in Long Beach [Credit: CityFreighter]]

Nine months after announcing their plans to produce an all-electric, modular truck, CityFreighter have unveiled the full prototype. CityFreighter is a clean-tech startup with team members in the US, Europe, and Asia developing smart, medium-duty commercial electric vehicles for the "last mile".

The payload capacity is 2.4 tons. The cargobox is modular but the company says that it has a minimum capacity of 710 cubic feet, based on a 43 cm (17 inches) low-floor design. To achieve that, the rear axle is equipped with an electric air suspension. This avoids the need for an electric lift system and thus reduces loading/unloading times. Vehicle dimensions are 21 x 9 x 7 feet and a GVWR of 5 tons. The company says that the vehicle has a 100 mile plus driving range.

CityFreighter says that its modular designs cover the entire truck, from cabin & driver ergonomics to battery & drive-train to the multi-purpose, modular cargobox.  The CF1, in turn, connects to route-optimization and goods-tracking systems.

The company says that it wants to incorporate autonomous functions in the future.

Currently, there is an initial agreement with green fleet solution provider XPO Sales Inc. for 500 CF1 Low Floor Full Electric Class 4 Trucks. XPO Sales Inc. wants to use these vehicles at its locations in Phoenix, San Diego, and its headquarters in Inglewood.

CityFreighter is focusing on the US as its first commercial market.

"We are very excited about the great response we got at the ACT Expo, and our continued partnership with XPO Sales,” said Michael Schoening, President CityFreighter Inc. “We further believe that the CF1 will set new standards in the industry. We want to show our vision how a commercial vehicle for the last mile should be designed. Beyond just changing the combustion engine, we believe that we need to focus on delivering intelligent and highly customizable solutions for our customers and their challenging markets."

"We are very pleased to watch the enormous progress of the CityFreighter team within a very short time-frame,” said Remo Weber, CEO XPO Sales Inc. “and we are very impressed with the prototype they unveiled to the world at the ACT Expo. Therefore, it has been no question for us to increase our commitment to CityFreighter to 500 trucks and to strengthen our partnership with this innovative company."

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