10 things eft’s been reading this week

The autonomy economy

Almost every day now sees a new advance in autonomous technology in the transport sector. This ranges from middle-mile vans, to heavy rigs, to delivery robots, to ships and even trains. Whilst we shouldn’t get carried away and expect to sit back and let the robots do all the driving just yet, there are really exciting advances going on all the time. So, this week we take a snapshot at how innovators are hoping to change our economy through autonomous vehicles and robots.

Walmart will pilot 'middle-mile' autonomous delivery in its hometown. [Grocery Dive]

How Lightweight Robots Can Help Solve The Autonomous Last-Mile Delivery Service Problem. [Forbes]

Google’s DeepMind is training Waymo’s self-driving cars like StarCraft II bots. [Digital Trends]

How will autonomy shape the UK shipping industry? [Ship Technology]

Lyft opens to the public autonomous driving data set from its Level 5 self-driving fleet. [TechCrunch]

VW wants to test robotic EV chargers for self-driving cars. [The Verge]

Autonomous Trains Are Ready to Roll. [Fortune]

Congress wants the self-driving car industry's help to draft a new AV bill. [The Verge]

New Study Reveals Autonomous Technology, Not Wanted By Car Owners. [Business Times]

Japan's demographics make good case for self-driving cars. [Financial Times]

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