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Supply chain security

Supply chains are vulnerable to a variety of physical disruptions, from hurricanes to strikes, but they are also now facing a huge challenge in the digital realm. Securing the supply chain against cyberattacks, fraud and bad actors is now of the utmost priority. Failing to do so will create major losses of both revenue and reputation but achieving a digitised supply chain that is safe is incredibly difficult given the proliferation of threats and the complexity of both the attacks and the supply chain itself. To help you out we have a look at recent attacks and what some are doing to fight them.

Two HK shipping lines hacked within five minutes of ‘casual’ online browsing. [Splash247.com]

Cyber Attack Puts a Spotlight on Fragile Global Supply Chain. [Bloomberg]

Weak links in the defense supply chain. [FCW]

Track-and-trace, supply chain expected to lead IoT spending growth. [Supply Chain Dive]

How is every single link in the BMW supply chain being tightened? [The Manufacturer]

Cyber attacks increasingly exploiting supply chain weaknesses. [Computer Weekly]

Current and emerging supply chain continuity risks examined. [Continuity Central]

Why The ASUS Supply Chain Hack Is a Big Deal. [Motherboard]

Locking Fraudulent Materials Out of the Supply Chain. [Pharmatech.com]

The ABCs of Supply Chain Cybersecurity. [Inbound Logistics]

If you would like to secure your supply chain and see how to create a strong, digital supply chain, from the likes of Airbus, ABB, Henkel and Sony, then you need to attend the 15th Annual 3PL & Supply Chain Summit: Europe.


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