10 things eft's been reading this week

What’s up with warehousing?

One of the discoveries from eft’s new Supply Chain Hot Trends Report: 2020 & Beyond, which can be downloaded here, is how big warehouse automation is going to be in 2020. In order to help you unpick that trend further, here are some of the articles we’ve been reading from around the internet on how warehouse operations are being dragged into the 21st Century, the start-ups hoping to get their slice and what happens when it goes wrong.  

AI-powered robot warehouse pickers are now ready to go to work. [MIT Technology Review]

Warehouse/DC: The Changing Metrics of Retail Success. [Modern Materials Handling]

Future of fulfillment: Robots, trikes, and very small spaces. [ZDNet]

New Cold’s Distribution Center: Automation wherever possible. [Modern Materials Handling]

What a Tour of an Amazon Fulfillment Center Reveals. [The New Yorker]

Fabric raises $110 million Series B to expand its network of automated fulfillment centers in the US. [TechCrunch]

11 Ecommerce Fulfillment Center Layout Design Principles. [Mulitchannel Merchant]

Nomagic, a startup out of Poland, picks up $8.6M for its pick-and-place warehouse robots. [TechCrunch]

6 Things to Consider When Designing an On-Demand Warehouse. [Mulitchannel Merchant]

Inside chaotic warehouse where Hermes staff were ‘buried up to shoulders in parcels’. [The Metro]

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