Take part in the Reuters Events Supply Chain Urban Logistics Survey 2022

We need your expert opinion as part of our Urban Logistics Survey 2022, which we are running in partnership with Ford Motor Company

A huge increase in eCommerce over the last two years has seen demand for space in the urban logistics sector skyrocket. This rise has contributed to an increase in commercial vehicles on city streets, impacting environmental sustainability initiatives by contributing to rising emissions and congestion in our cities. This cannot be left unchecked.

It is down to local governments, transportation providers, tech innovators and consumers to reimagine how we move and how we receive goods.

Reuters Events Supply Chain is compiling a report on current and future commercial urban logistics infrastructures, and we need your insights.

Click here to access and complete the survey – this will only take 5 mins to complete

Your input is greatly appreciated and valued and your answers will be analysed collectively and anonymously to help us complete the report and provide you with key insights on this pressing issue.

We will also send you the finalised report once completed.

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