Post Conference: 3rd Hi-Tech Supply Chain Summit HK

Adrian Chen attended the 3rd Hi-Tech Supply Chain Summit in Hong Kong and shares his thoughts and key take-aways of the conference.

The invitation to sit on the panel for various topics and to co-chair at eyefortransport's 3rd Hi-Tech Supply Chain Summit, APAC; held in HK (Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2013) was ecstatically astounding indeed! 


I have had the opportunity to speak and present in different public forums before, but eft’s event has definitely given me a greater eye-opening experience through the various interactive discussions held with and amongst the participants. The attendees and panelists had high expectations of an exciting event, and eft's event achieved just that, in all fairness. Beginning with the seating arrangements. Sitting around tables and sharing strategic overview discussions over coffee with senior executives (with vast industry experience) from various multi-national corporations was the very first ice-breaker persona. Following were the informal discussions carried out through the various sessions and the break-out groups emitted closer co-operation and collaborative attitudes. 


Brainstorming ideas, critically analysing case studies, plus sharing of knowledge and experiences, bred unanimously surprisingly positive results amongst the divided teams to work with each other - irrespective of age or occupation factors. These characteristics had a clear advantage towards a fantastic event waiting to explode!


The attention from the participants was extremely exhilarating and the presenters including the panelists did not disappoint in any way or circumstance. What was exceptionally overwhelming was the relaxed and jovial attitude as to how the attendees, presenters but also the panelists exchanged ideas and thoughts frequently, without reservations. The notes derived during break-out group sessions were all re-compiled and preparations have been made to re-distribute to all the participants for back-referencing. This in itself is a fantastic operational back-end process which I have never encountered in summits before.


Many topics were presented, addressed, discussed and debated over; sometimes cross-referencing from one supply chain component’s topic to the next and vice-versa. Topics varying from “Is Asia Losing its Competitiveness?” created a whole genre of commentaries, debates and conflicting ideas from supply chain senior professionals that possessed insights and in-depth outlooks towards “off-shoring versus reverse off-shoring versus on-shoring” capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. “After-sales Supply Chain Management Services” was another extremely pleasant topic closure of the event with divided groups and opinions formed in the vis-a-vis pursuit to provide “after-market RMA or reverse logistics” customer service & technical excellence. Additionally, between the two fantastic topics mentioned, the brooding impact was the major presentations and paneled Q&A discussions on “Compliance Regulations & Risks” and “Talent Management in the Supply Chain”. There were up-tempo comments, strong opinions expressed and a multitude of vertically challenged experiences shared in a barrage. This was certainly the epitome which can neither be replicated nor sublimely compared or replaced by any other public events I’ve previously attended.


To be able to grasp and understand the elated feeling within this post-commentary one should attend and be present at any of eft’s global events. But that wouldn’t just acclaim the satisfaction reaped from the activities – one must participate and promulgate in the sessions  to understand the fulfillment described. The summit was not just a standard “attend, listen, take notes and leave when all is over” event – it was a life experience! I’m looking forward to the next summits from eft, in anticipation to recommend peers and colleagues attending, including all supply chain or logistics professionals across regions & borders, globally!


How would I rate this summit by eft? Well…let’s just say 9/10 stars for the last event, but I would bet my last dollar, pound, peso, shilling...eft’s next organised event should ceiling at 10/10 stars.


By Adrian Chen


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