Podcast: Best Buy’s CSCO on How to Pull Off a Successful Supply Chain Transformation

Priyanka talks to Rob Bass, CSCO of Best Buy on how to totally transform a supply chain

This week, Priyanka talks to Rob Bass, CSCO of Best Buy, on the five-year journey he and the company went through to overhaul the Best Buy supply chain. They were able to take it back from the brink and transform it into a thriving force in consumer electronics!

Rob discusses what the key factors to success are for supply chain leaders looking to disrupt and keep up with change.


Questions Rob answered

  • Best Buy is nearing the end of their major supply chain transformation – take us back to the beginning, where did you start?
  • Initiatives with multiple vendors and integrators struggle with meeting timelines. What do you attribute your success to?
  • You secured a rare position of serving on a retail board at Pier One as a supply chain executive. How do you see the industry starting to recognize Supply Chain as a key executive role?
  • Your career growth trajectory at Best Buy has been super-fast what do you attribute that to?

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