New white paper: Surviving global uncertainty

Download our new white paper for free and understand how to mitigate supply chain risk

In this exclusive white paper, Huawei, DKB Household USA and McCormick give you a framework to protect your supply chain from the myriad risks it faces, including:

  • Tariff wars and fluctuating costs
  • Bad actors and those looking to expose your weaknesses
  • Complacency: Don’t wait for a disaster to happen
  • Dependencies: Depth in onboarding and consistently auditing your suppliers

Download the free white paper here. 

The white paper features expert insights from: - Brant Matthews, VP Global Strategic Procurement, McCormick & Company - Kelly Marie Halloran LCB, Supply Chain Director, DKB Household USA - Tim Danks, VP Risk Management and Partner Relations, Huawei They explain how to mitigate supply chain risk in a time of global geopolitical uncertainty.

This report was made in conjunction with the upcoming Reuters Events: Supply Chain USA 2020 (Chicago, June 16-18).

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