IKEA Group commits to zero emissions targets for home delivery in five major cities by 2020

Ikea aims to transition to electric vehicles in five major inner cities - Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Shanghai - by 2020.

Ikea is aiming to make 100% of home deliveries by electric vehicles by 2025 as part of wider major shift in its operations, which will significantly influence suppliers throughout its supply chain.

Inter IKEA Group, the worldwide IKEA franchisor, said in a press release that it “Commits to become climate positive by 2030, as well as to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the IKEA value chain by at least 15% in absolute terms, compared to 2016.”

The shift includes the footprints of materials, food ingredients, transport, the production at suppliers, and the use of Ikea products in consumers’ homes, which will translate as a 70% reduced climate footprint on average per IKEA product.

The company noted in a release that it will be “supporting our direct suppliers to reduce their total footprint (not just the manufacturing of IKEA products). This enables us to address a footprint around four times bigger than the production of the IKEA products. We will also inspire and enable people to save and generate renewable energy at home.”

"We challenge ourselves and inspire others as we can only achieve the change that's needed together. For us it's crucial to grow our business in a sustainable way– that's why we're speeding up the transition to EV in five inner city areas. By 2020 all our home deliveries in central Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Shanghai will be by EV or other zero emission solutions," says Jesper Brodin, CEO, IKEA Group (Ingka Holding B.V. and its controlled entities).

IKEA Group targets include:

  • Zero emission home deliveries, targeting five prioritized inner cities (Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Shanghai) by 2020.
  • Aim for 100% of home deliveries by electric vehicles (EV) or other zero-emission solutions by 2025 (aim of 25% by 2020).
  • Access to charging stations for EVs across all IKEA Group touchpoints across 30 markets, such as stores, offices, and distribution centres by 2020.
  • Aim to halve relative emissions from co-workers and customers travelling to IKEA Group touchpoints by 2030.

"IKEA Group has led the world on science-based targets and now we can have our BILLY book cases delivered on zero emission vehicles," said Andrew Steers, President and CEO of the World Resources Institute.

"By switching to EVs for home deliveries at this pace, IKEA is setting a strong example for clean transport in city centres, where zero emissions zones will one day become the norm,” said Helen Clarkson CEO, The Climate Group. “They are enabling their customers to play a key part in accelerating the roll out of electric vehicles overall."

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