Can logistics be sustainable in the real world?

Eft Reuters sat down with Simon Cox, Head of Sustainability at Prologis to discuss the increasing importance of going green in the supply chain

Access this exclusive interview with Simon Cox, Head of Sustainability at Prologis, by clicking here.

The interview details how to build a sustainability plan, and how to turn it into a competitive advantage, including:

  • Defining ‘sustainable logistics’: What does it actually mean for logistics to be sustainable? Can we put numbers on this concept?
  • Strategy design: What is needed within a strategy to deliver sustainable logistics?
  • Strategy implementation: What happens in practice when the strategy is implemented? What practical hurdles are encountered, and how can they be overcome?

This report is produced in partnership with the Reuters 3PL & Supply Chain Summit: Chicago (16 -18 June, 2020). The most influential meeting point of supply chain and logistics leaders.

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