5 Reasons Content Marketing In Supply Chain Is So Important

How to tackle supply chain conundrums, manage industry thought leadership and engage your target audience.

1. The industry is changing  so quickly, it’s the only way executives can keep pace
Content is everywhere. But this is no surprise with the increased pace of supply chain, the current technology inundation and the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 5 years ago predictive analytics was borderline sci-fi. Today, with so much data and processing capacity, it is providing real and significant ROI. How do you keep pace with all of these changes? You have to plug into the industry content. 
2. To keep pace, you need to demonstrate your industry knowledge
Customers and industry collaborators alike expect their counterparts to understand their business challenges.  In fact, in supply chain, most manufacturers and retailers highlight the inability of logistics providers to understand their business as one of their key roadblocks. What better way to demonstrate your industry knowledge and differentiate yourself from the competition then by articulating your knowledge through content?
3. Complexity requires detail
Increased pace and increased technological advancements all mean increased industry complexity. Whether its marketing or sharing industry insight, more detail than ever is required to underpin complex ideas. 
4. Modern marketing requires engagement
As millennials increasingly take over the workforce, engagement is only going to become more important not only for marketing but for any communication within the industry. What better way to achieve this than through producing an engaging piece of content driving comments, likes, tweets and shares.  
5. Because it works
There are endless success stories. Content provides better ROI than paid search - But it needs to be done well!
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