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Stepping up or shutting down: The business-critical role of warehouses in the current climate

Even though warehousing was in a boom phase before the COVID-19 pandemic spread worldwide, it has now been elevated to an even greater height of importance, as businesses take up more warehouse space to handle soaring e-commerce needs or store products for the return of demand. However, risk of transmission and incredible demand in some distribution centres are causing fractious labour relations and concerns around spreading illness, adding an extra level of challenge. This week, we take a look at why warehouse space is so in demand and the operational risks.

COVID-19 may kick-start demand for multi-storey warehousing. [Indiaretailing.com]

Investors see warehouses as safe haven from COVID-19 impact. [Logistics Manager]

Amazon closes French warehouses after court ruling on coronavirus. [The Guardian]

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Retail warehouses - omni-channel fulfilment essential or Coronavirus breeding grounds? [Diginomica]

These robot-powered warehouses could save grocers—but first they need to survive the coronavirus pandemic. [Fortune]

Amazon adds warehouse network closer to cities to speed up same-day delivery. [Reuters]

To hear sessions on improving warehouse productivity, including through automation, network systems and labour management processes, attend the Supply Chain: Europe summit.

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