10 things eft's been reading this week

Fighting back in the current crisis

Credit: Image by klimkin from Pixabay

In this week’s 10 things we look at advice from around the web on how to make a resilient supply chain that stands the best chance of weathering the current storm.

How To Fortify Your Supply Chain In An Era Of Escalating Disruption. [Forbes]

How to Prepare for Major Supply Chain Disruption. [Entrepreneur Europe]

Navigate supply chain and manufacturing challenges during disruption. [Building Design & Construction]

Nestlé on COVID-19: ‘We need to focus our efforts on securing supplies, manufacturing and logistics’. [Foodnavigator.com]

Coronavirus Disruption Puts Supply Chain Software to the Test. [The Wall Street Journal]

Business As Unusual: Resiliency In Times Of Supply Chain Disruption. [Forbes]

COVID-19: The global food supply chain is holding up, for now. [UN News]

To survive and thrive, it’s time for the automotive sector to diversify its supply chain. [The Manufacturer]

Gartner: Three steps to mitigate supply chain disruption from COVID-19. [Chain Store Age]

Best Practices for Supply Chain Disruption. [Contract Pharma]

Attend the Supply Chain: Europe summit to hear from experts about how they are making their supply chains more resilient.

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