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Sustainability in the supply chain

This week we are taking a look at trying to make the supply chain a kinder, less energy intensive, more eco-friendly place. From solar panels, to sustainably sourcing goods and reducing packaging waste, there are a wide range of measures that can be adopted to make your supply chain more sustainable. What’s more, companies are finally getting serious about it, from linking financial goals to sustainability to promoting professionals with backgrounds in greening supply chains to top posts, so have a read through and decide whether you can improve your own operations.

Logistics Manager Analysis: Supply Chain Sustainability…Plastic Not So Fantastic. [Logistics Manager]

Maersk links $5 billion financing to eco-goals. [Port manager]

Report – warehouse sustainability: Cutting heating and lighting emissions in distribution centres. [eDelivery]

4 Ways to Make Your Supply Chain More Sustainable. [Reliable Plant]

Major European cities to make life difficult for fleets. [Fleet Europe]

What’s Holding Up Sustainable Change for Fashion Players? [Sourcing Journal]

The Greening of the Supply Chain. [SupplyChainBrain]

How Sustainable Strategy Fits Into the Digital Revolution. [SupplyChainBrain]

Adidas, H&M, Ikea lead on sustainable cotton sourcing. [Supply Chain Dive]

H&M operations, sustainability leader will be next CEO. [Supply Chain Dive]

If you want to hear multiple panels and speakers address the field of sustainability, including Sandra MacQuillam, Chief Supply Chain Officer for Mondelēz, then head to Supply Chain USA.

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