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Customer satisfaction matters more than ever.

Across the supply chain customers are looking for more from their suppliers. They need more than just timeliness and meeting contracts. According to our research, which surveyed European supply chain decision makers, the attributes that correlate most with the likelihood of a customer to recommending their provider are centred on agility, clear lines of communication and expertise. The top six factors uncovered by our new report were:

  1. Is able to support me when my needs change
  2. Has knowledgeable and skilled staff
  3. Learns from its mistakes and continuously improves itself
  4. Continuously provides clear and accurate data
  5. Provides a high level of operational quality
  6. Is pro-active and takes initiative

This means that supply chain logistics providers need to focus on customer care and communication.

To round out the focus on the customer experience, here are 10 more articles looking at customer satisfaction across the logistics industry and its impact on the bottom line – and you can click here to download the report for free now.

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If you want to give your customer experience a shot in the arm, then attend the ‘Drive future success with a dynamic and customer-centric network’ panel discussion at the Supply Chain Summit: Europe. 


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