Turkey works toward logistics superpower status

The country plans to increase their recent investments in their rail and road networks

Image by Şinasi Müldür from Pixabay

Turkey’s President Erdogan has said he aims to make Turkey a logistics superpower as part of the country’s 2053 vision.

In recent years, the country has expanded its rail network from 10,959km to 13,022km, invested billions of dollars in its road network, and spent more than $172bn in transportation and communication infrastructure between 2003-2021.

Turkey aims to grow its rail network to reach 28,950 km by 2053, including 6,196 km of fast train network, 1,474 km of conventional rail lines, 622 km of high-speed lines and 262 km of very high-speed train lines. A further 546 km of the high-speed lines will be completed in 2023. The high-speed rail network aims to have connections between 52 provinces by 2053. It currently only connects eight.

Turkey is expanding its nationwide and divided roads to 3,633km and 28,647km respectively, and will invest $198bn in their transportation and communication infrastructure by 2053, beginning this year.

The government also plans to cover all wages and social security payment of newly recruited workers for the first three to six months.

The new infrastructure will purportedly save the country around $176bn, according to calculations included in the plan.

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