DHL Global Forwarding: Future-Proofing With Innovation

DHL is arguably the most innovative logistics provider, so it was exciting to see Mr. Joeri Kuik, VP at DHL Global Forwarding, Global Head of DHL Lead Logistics Partner and Chief Innovation Officer as one of the speakers at the recent eft 3PL Summit in Venlo. Kuik was a panelist on the Disruptive Technologies session and also held the floor speaking on Future Technologies and Innovations.

Interviewed behind the scenes during the conference, Joeri shared how DHL is future-proofing its business with innovation.

DHL’s famous video on an augmented reality  in warehouses reflects careful planning, not a random stroke of brilliance. The key? Some time ago, the company established an innovation unit, which researches trends, partner performance and customers. Importantly, it is sufficiently resourced to devise and implement new ideas. 

One of the most important things Joeri mentioned was that innovation needs structure and time. Structure comes from their “Innovation Cycle” process, which devises ideas and gets them out into the real world. The time comes from patience. Large tech venture capital companies invest hundreds of millions in companies without a guarantee of immediate payback. DHL is no different. It doesn’t necessarily expect profitability from ideas for up to five years.

Read the full article for more logistics innovation insights from Kuik.

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