Podcast: XPO chief Brad Jacobs on consolidation in the $2 trillion logistics industry

Priyanka talks to THE Brad Jacobs, Chairman & CEO of XPO Logistics. Brad was the biggest outsider in the logistics industry in 2011. Fast forward to 2018, he’s not only the biggest insider but has truly changed the face of the industry!

While most 3PLs and logistics companies are headed up by industry veterans who have lived and breathed logistics their entire lives, Brad casually walked in seven years ago with past experiences in wildly unrelated spaces such as construction equipment, waste collection and oil trading, and went on to own the logistics industry like nobody’s business!

A lot of XPO's success stems from a series of successful acquisitions – which is where Brad came with a wealth of background in! There’s a lot of exciting development in the logistics space – which is over a $1 trillion industry.

Questions Brad answered

  • What is the similarity between a construction equipment company, trash collection, oil trading and logistics? Why did you even decide in 2011 that this is now what you want do?
  • If not logistics, what was your Plan B?
  • What are the key things you look for while considering an acquisition?
  • What sorts of companies are you now looking to acquire?
  • What are your thoughts on autonomous trucks. How close are we to it being ubiquitous and commercially common? What impact will that have on the business?
  • What is XPO’s vision towards automation in the warehouse and what does this mean for the role and extent of human labour in the warehouse?
  • Your thoughts on the blockchain and its application in logistics?
  • What drives you? What is your first thought when you wake up?

For more on this, listen on.

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