Podcast: Guillermo Pardon, CTO of CaseStack

Priyanka talks to the Chief Technology Officer of CaseStack about blockchain in the supply chain.

This week Priyanka talks to Guillermo Pardon, a 20 year veteran of the technology scene, about blockchain in the supply chain. This is a 101 for anyone looking to understand the ramifications of blockchain for logistics, from complete basics, to  its application in the supply chain, and the biggest challenges it faces currently.

Questions Guillermo answered

  • Introduction to yourself
  • How do you explain blockchain to your grandmother?
  • How is this technology already being applied across industries and which industry is the most further along outside of finance?
  • What opportunities could blockchain deliver to logistics and supply chain operations? Any tangible case studies?
  • What are the biggest challenges it faces?
  • What are your predictions regarding use of the technology and its penetration commercially?

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