Movianto CEE Extends Warehouse Facility in the Czech Republic

Movianto CEE (Central Eastern Europe) have received approval for the extension of the existing Brno facility by 2,600 sqm (2,470 sqm warehouse plus 130 sqm offices).

The full capacity of this extension will be 3,946 pallet locations (3,582 ambient and 364 cold storage). In total Movianto Czech Republic will then have a warehousing area of 9,300 sqm and a capacity of over 16,600 pallet locations.

The extension will bring additional storage capacity as well as a new loading dock and a ramp for the Goods-In area and additional three loading docks and one ramp for Dispatch.

Maintaining high quality standards, the warehouse will include active cooling for controlled ambient temperature. There are three gates planned between the current and extended part of the building. All of them will be equipped with a fire door and speed door to maintain the required temperature in the current and extended part of the warehouse.

Roman Harviščák, Managing Director of Movianto Czech Republic & Slovakia: “We are reacting to the increased demand of our clients for our services within this region with the extension of our facility in the Czech Republic.”

The warehouse extension is anticipated to be finalized by the end of 2014, and it should be operational in 2015.

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