Jabil, Bose & Zebra Technologies Exclusive Q+A Interview

As the hi-tech industry is faced with increasingly complex global markets, increased customer pressures, evolving demand for real-time shipment visibility, reduced cycle times and inventory levels coupled with major economic fluctuations, hi-tech supply chain executives are looking for solutions that can help meet these challenges.

Exclusive insight to shed some light on how the biggest names in the industry are handling the increased pressure. Hear from Bose, Zebra Technologies and Jabil in an exclusive snapshot interview on how they are deploying the very latest tools, strategies and applications to ensure they stay one step ahead.

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Highlights include:

  • Bose highlights how they are executing their digital strategy through multiple data capture points and platform integration
  • Jabil explains, the lack of data sharing, accuracy and transfer speed is preventing them from fully utilising data to efficiently and effectively manage an end-to-end digital supply chain.
  • Peter Back, Zebra Technologies explains how synchronising disruptive technologies, organisations will increase their Enterprise Asset Intelligence, through the ability to sense, analyse, and take informed actions, leading to increased supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.

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