PerformanSC Supply Chain Offers Practitioner Led Support to Improve Supply Chain Performance

New supply chain consultancy targets public and private sector organizations to deliver supply chain savings and benefits


PerformanSC Supply Chain, a new supply chain consultancy, has launched a suite of services aimed at helping organizations maximize their supply chain performance.
The company brings together a team with significant multinational and functional (strategy, planning, operations, logistics and quality) supply chain expertise to support organizations in the identification and implementation of supply chain improvements.
"There is an increasing awareness of the customer and economic value that can be delivered through increased supply chain performance," said Lorcan Sheehan, founder and chief executive officer of PerformanSC Supply Chain. "We see our role as bringing practitioner led supply chain expertise to organizations that are looking to accelerate improvements in how they bring their products to market and serve their customer needs."
PerformanSC Supply Chain offers a range of services, designed to improve the flow of goods and materials through the supply chain, eliminate waste and support effective delivery to customers through their preferred channels. The company can support a wide range of industry sectors but is particularly targeting improvements within healthcare, high technology, consumer electronics, consumer goods and retail organizations.
"At a time when so many organizations are looking for ways to deliver cost savings without impacting the service to their customers, we are excited about the opportunities that we can present through a focused supply chain approach," commented Sheehan.
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