New AEB White Paper Offers Tips on Delivering Greater Customer Satisfaction

Failed or delayed deliveries are damaging, both for a company’s reputation and for customer relations.

A new white paper from AEB, one of Europe’s leading providers of global trade and supply chain management solutions, offers tips and suggestions for making the flow of goods and shipping statuses more transparent, keeping customers in the loop – and using shipping delays as an opportunity to improve overall visibility in the supply chain. Titled “Delivering greater customer satisfaction”, the white paper can be seen here.

Claire Umney, General Manager at AEB (International) Ltd, said: “Information on the current status of shipments is already available within the supply chain, but may not be easily accessible. Forward-looking companies turn this challenge into an opportunity. By using visibility software to optimise their internal processes, they can improve the quality of their service, increase customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage.”

See AEB's new whitepaper here


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