eyefortransport rebrands to ‘eft’

eyefortransport is rebranding as ‘eft’, and launching the new format of it’s daily supply chain and logistics news portal, eft.com

January 02, 2014 – London, UK

Why eft?  Why now?  Well, if we’d taken advice from PR agencies when we started the business, we would have probably anticipated the miss-spellings and misunderstandings we’ve since faced.  ‘ifortransport’, ‘Eye For Transport’, ‘eye4transport’, lowercase, uppercase… not to mention the complication of trying to explain it to someone on the phone.  Just kidding, though.

It’s simple really: when we started working in the industry, 15 years ago, our business was much more focused on freight transport, but over time our focus has shifted to supply chain and logistics, which reflects the interests of our audience, and the place where we add the most value in the industry.  As such ‘eyefortransport’ really doesn’t reflect us as a business anymore. 

So we’re re-branding to eft, which matches our news portal – eft.com – and gives us the flexibility we need, across all of our business intelligence products: elite conferences, forward-thinking webinars, strategic reports, daily industry news and opinion pieces, industry maps, and other premium content, both original and curated from the best voices in supply chain. 

As eft, we strive to place ourselves in the center of the supply chain and logistics industries through the maintenance of elite groups of executives, providing the industry with the intelligence, networks and insight they need to get ahead in business, and fostering productive conversations about the future of the industry.

Since we’re at it, it’s worth mentioning that our news portal site has also evolved significantly in the last year.  It’s now a platform whereby key influencers in the industry share their opinions through monthly columns, short videos, and opinionated articles.  Check out the latest on eft.com

If you have any questions do please get in touch.  Either way, we look forward to continuing to bring excellent curated and original content to the industry, under our new, error-proof brand   : )

About eyefortransport

Established in 1998, eyefortransport has become one of the leading providers of business intelligence, independent research, news and executive level events for the supply chain & logistics industries. eyefortransport has two primary focuses:

1) To provide executive networking opportunities in the supply chain & logistics industries via the more than 15 events we annually organize and host in North America, Europe and Asia and online via the tens of thousands of users of www.eft.com. The events are designed to complement and enhance the business connections available through our online network, and bring together the industry elite. Regularly attended by CEOs and senior management from the transport and logistics industry and Heads of Supply Chain of major companies, the events focus on current developments and latest trends, and are enhanced by high level, exclusive networking opportunities.

2) To deliver industry education through dozens of industry reports, surveys, newsletters, webinars and senior-level presentations at leading events. For the list of current research, news and conferences we produce please visit www.eft.com



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