eft Weekly Newsletter 23rd January 2014

Amazon Can Read Your Mind?; 3PL & CSCO EU De-Brief; Top 10 Research Items of 2013

It has been a busy week for logistics news this week; Lora Cecere has identified the traps that should be avoided when trying to build supply chain talent, whilst John Wagner J. has provided his views on the industry for 2014 so far. In other news, Amazon is confident it can predict what customers will be buying and can ship the items before they are ordered… This so-called “anticipatory shipping” is said to cut delivery time and ensure repeat business but is it taking customer monitoring too far? Cathy Morrow Robertson has also offered her thoughts on the retail giants recent patent. 
Following on from our fantastic European 3PL Summit & CSCO Forum in November, the eft team have created our first ever conference de-brief. If you missed the show last year, this de-brief will provide you with all of the highlights from the show, and a reason to go in 2014! 
Finally, after looking at the top 10 articles a few weeks ago I have compiled the top 10 research items from our website in 2013, all of which are worth a look.
News This Week:
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol experienced 3.2% growth in cargo traffic in 2013, with the total of 1,531,089 tonnes coming close to the airport’s all-time record set in 2007. 
It looks like Amazon has found an interesting use for all the data they collect on customers.
Georgia Logistics complies a monthly set of facts and figures regarding the Logistics Markets. We selected a few facts to share with you 
After working with clients that are out of balance, Lora Cecere has identified 5 traps that should be avoided when building talent.
Vivek Sood explains in three parts how to strategically outsource, click here for part one 
Amazon is looking to take shopping to the next level by delivering products to you before you’ve even ordered them, according to a recently granted patent.
John Wagner looks at some of the latest transportation news and figures from 2014 so far 
After compiling the top 10 articles, eft CEO Chris Saynor has assembled the top 10 research items that eft conducted in 2013 
Featured This Week: Report: 11th Annual 3PL Summit & CSCO Forum Conference debrief 
eft brings you its first ever conference debrief! This report highlights all of the key industry themes, topics and announcements discussed in Amsterdam this November, including results of surveys done by eft, as well as some live polling. Relive the conference if you attended or experience it for the first time if you weren't able to make it! 
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