EBE Technologies Finishes 40th Year in Business with Increased Revenue Results

EBE Technologies, the leading developer of enterprise business process management applications for the transportation industry, posted increased revenue results for Fiscal Year 2013.

FY 2013 represents the fifth consecutive year EBE has achieved more than 26 percent growth. All divisions including financials, logistics and driver services recorded increases in revenues and profitability.  A broader portfolio of applications and partnerships contributed to the growth. 2013 client acquisitions led to a 39 percent increase in new sales revenue over FY 2012.  2013 was an expansion year for EBE as it opened an additional office in San Antonio, TX and added several new employees in customer support, implementation, development and sales, in its East Moline, IL headquarters.


As EBE completed its 40th year in business, it once again aligned its business practices with its mission of providing innovative business and technology solutions to help companies improve efficiency and productivity. “EBE continues to reinvent itself adapting to the rapid changes in technology and industry landscape,” said Larry Kerr, President of EBE.  As the demand for more Web-based and Cloud solutions increased, so did our commitment to expand many of our core client/server solution offering to this platform.  We continue to offer our clients the flexibility of implementing the best solutions and platform that will meet their needs,” Kerr adds.


New mobile applications were released in 2013, capitalizing on the growing use of smart phones and tablets by all personnel including drivers.  EBE created a new solution, expected to be released first quarter 2014, which allows drivers to image documents and integrate directly with the carrier’s billing, settlements, driver and carrier qualification document management systems.  These solutions will expedite the delivery and improve the accuracy of the documentation allowing drivers to get paid faster, shippers to receive status notifications in near-real time, carriers to shorten billing cycles and improve safety and compliance management. “Now, every driver or carrier can upload documents immediately without the need of a separate scanning device in their cab.  Since this application integrates directly into EBE’s workflow solutions and carriers’ dispatch system, a major impact on DSO, transaction accuracy and driver retention can be achieved,” said Kerr.


Today, nearly 530 transportation and logistics companies utilize EBE’s flagship products, in some capacity.  Clients range from the Transport Topics “Top 100" to carriers and logistics providers with fleets less than 75 trucks.


EBE’s solutions integrate with carriers’ legacy imaging and operation systems.  This is a very important aspect of SHIPS solutions as it allows carriers to leverage their systems investments to provide even greater value.  As such, partner relationships are extremely important to EBE’s success. Some of the organizations EBE has added to its list of partners include: insurance companies, background service agencies and dispatch providers.  

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